For those of you who know what cassette tapes and VHS are, you will remember the famous Hook movie with Robin Williams : Peter Pan went back to Neverland where the lost boys helped him get ready to fight against his worst enemy, Hook. Their war cry ? BANGARANG ! The way Peter Pan could fly ? With the help of one happy thought ! An army of kids who fight for the good, and praise for the imagination, the happiness and the game. That’s where the name BANGARANG comes from! 

For us, being happy is living life our own way, exploiting our passions and believing in our powers. 

In Neverland, there is only one rule : never grow up by fear of losing the magic that the childhood brings. Everyone has the power to fly. All it takes is one happy thought. BANGARANG’s vision is that everyone can give back, change things and make a difference in their own way. 

You are the author of your life. You create the reality around you, and you do it with your attitude, your thoughts and your heart. 

Be inspired by positivity. Be BANGARANG ! 

Marie-Eve et Martin